At the Intervention Centre of Oslo University Hospital different clinical disciplines closely collaborate in state-of-the-art hybrid operating rooms pushing the boundaries of minimally invasive surgical procedures. 

About The Intervention Centre

The intervention Centre is organized as a department in the Clinic for Emergencies and Critical Care. The Centre provides a shared resource for basic- and clinical research groups inside and outside Oslo University Hospital. All research groups have the same access to the advanced equipment, infrastructure and necessary competent staff needed for research and development of new methods. The Centre is organized in a matrix model with six sections. 
Head of Department: Erik Fosse, professor, MD Telephone: +47 230 70116 
Office Managers: Marianne Berg, Agnes Gregersen Eriksen, Telephone +47 230 70100 , 
Department Telephone number: +47 230 70100


 The Centre’s R&D tasks are: 
•  Development of new treatment methods 
•  Development of new treatment strategies 
•  Comparison of established and new treatment methods 
•  Studies of social, economic, and organizational consequences from implementation of new methods 

To perform this type of studies the Centre has established an infrastructure that facilitate four result dimensions: 
1. Clinical Trials ( with clinical outcome endpoints) 
2. Patient experience studies (including QOL and qualitative methodology) 
3. Health Economy studies (cost/efficacy for patients, hospital and society) 
4. Organizational consequences from new methods 
Main focus for research are:
•  MRI-guided interventions and surgery 
•  Radiology guided interventions and surgery 
•  Use of robot systems and simulation 
•  IT solutions for big data processing and artificial intelligence • Telecommunication and sensor technology • Radiology and image processing 
•  Navigation systems for interventions and surgeries 
•  CT-guided interventions and surgeries In addition to scientific project industry sponsored studies for        testing of new medical devices are performed. 
Infrastructure and resources

The Centre’s infrastructure and resources includes: 
1) Access to high end equipment in operating rooms dedicated for technological-, preclinical- and clinical research for internal and external projects. 
•  Two multi modal/hybrid angio/videofluoroscopy operating rooms 
•  Two videoscopy operating rooms with mobile C-bow  
•  One operating room surgical microscope and navigation equipment adjacent to MRI 
•  Two multi modal/hybrid operating rooms with possibilities for intra operative CT 
•  One preclinical operating room The multi modal operating rooms are unique and not available elsewhere in the hospital. Thus, the Intervention Centre offers capacity for treatments where this unique combination of modalities is required. 
2) Specially trained staff (medical specialists, nurses, radiographers, engineers, project leader) to handle the complex infrastructure in technological and research-based settings. 
3) IT infrastructure for data extraction of data from all operating rooms. itorial responsibility Research Groups • Clinical Testing Work Group