The Annual Report 2019 from The Intervention Centre presents the central information about the Centre's activities and deliveries in 2019. Click the image to see the Report.

After almost four years of development, experimentation and knowledge building on clinical implementation of precision medicine, participants from the lighthouse project BigMed demonstrate selected solutions established in the project.

Video of BigMed at EHiN 2020 is available HERE

Streamlining pipelines for genomic analyzes and making information available to oncologists who are to make decisions about the patient are some of the many areas where BigMed has developed proposals for technical solutions. 

The solutions presented are: 

  • Electronic solution for requesting genetic analyzes
  • Database for sharing individual genetic variants - to ensure quality across laboratories nationally and internationally 
  • Automatic reporting to the Cancer Registry - no double registration leaves more time to the patient, better completeness of the data and lower probability of errors 
  • A platform for innovation on sharp data

Please, visit EHiN's website for more information about the presentation by BigMed HERE and recordings from their previous events are available HERE

We hereby cordially invite you to Oslo for the 33rd Annual SMIT Conference to be held 22nd - 24th of September 2021. The 33rd SMIT Conference will have a special focus on topics like Hybrid Operating rooms, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation in Healthcare, Minimally Invasive Therapy and Intervention, Value-based Healthcare, Robotic Surgery and Automation, Surgical Navigation and Visualization and Health Technology for Third world countries.

We anticipate that the 33rd SMIT Conference will gain interest whether you are a medical doctor or engineer from different technological disciplines. We aim to bring together doctors and engineers with a special interest in medical technology and minimally invasive therapy.

On December 14 2020 Davit L Aghayan defended his thesis Laparoscopic parenchyma-sparing surgery in the treatment of colorectal liver metastasis for the degree of PhD. The thesis comes out of Institute of Clinical Medicine at University of Oslo. The title of the trial lecture was The present and future perspectives of robotic resection in hepatobiliary surgery. Pricipal supervisor was professor Bjørn Edwin. 

Read the announcement for University of Oslo

On September 23 2020 Magnus Reinsfelt Krogh the Department of Informatics defended the thesis “Combined accelerometer and gyro sensors for continuous left ventricular function monitoring" for the degree of PhD (Philosophiae Doctor). The dissertation comes out  of Instiutue of Clinical Medicine at Faculty of Medicine at University of Oslo. The title of the trial lecture was "Heart team decisions in daily clinical practice".


On September 4 2020 Kristin Jensen at the Department of Physics defended the thesis “Iterative reconstruction in CT imaging; Image quality and radiation doses” for the degree of PhD (Philosophiae Doctor). The dissertation comes out  of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at University of Oslo. The title of the trial lecture was "Radiation risk for patients and operators in interventional CT".