On September 23 2020 Magnus Reinsfelt Krogh the Department of Informatics defended the thesis “Combined accelerometer and gyro sensors for continuous left ventricular function monitoring" for the degree of PhD (Philosophiae Doctor). The dissertation comes out  of Instiutue of Clinical Medicine at Faculty of Medicine at University of Oslo. The title of the trial lecture was "Heart team decisions in daily clinical practice".


Main research findings

Patients that undergo open-heart surgery are becoming older and more complex, as minimally invasive alternatives are becoming more common. These patients need closer monitoring after surgery as they are more susceptible to complications.

Previous research has used miniaturized accelerometer sensors attached to the heart, measuring its motion pattern, as a new way of monitoring the heart's condition. Such a sensor can be incorporated onto existing devices and can thereby provide continuous monitoring after surgery, adding to the tools available for monitoring complex patients.

Accelerometers have characteristic flaws, such as the inability to separate measured motion from measured gravity. However, new motion sensors that combine accelerometer and gyroscopes are now available. The research presented concerns using these new sensors to improve upon heart motion monitoring techniques; by suggesting a way of compensating for gravity; whether this gravity compensation has an effect on detection of certain heart conditions; and lastly, by suggesting a new way of estimating the ventricular volume.

Based on our findings, we provide suggestions for signal processing methods that may be used in order to improve the use of motion sensors for heart monitoring, and thereby potentially be used to improve the monitoring of patients, reducing mortality and morbidity.