After almost four years of development, experimentation, and knowledge building on clinical implementation of precision medicine, we conclude BigMed with this final report, Reflections on the clinical implementation of precision medicine - Experiences from BigMed, a Norwegian ICT Lighthouse project. The report summarizes experiences and reflections from this unique cross sector and cross competence project and is meant to be a guide for subsequent projects on the implementation of precision medicine. Participants from the project have contributed through discussions, deliverables and knowledge summaries, resulting in a report that includes perspectives, reflections and wisdom from a broad consortium. The content covers both visions and future goals, as well as practical examples of solutions made in the project. The 2018 BigMed position paper, Big data management for the precise treatment of three patient groupswhich identified the initial barriers to clinical implementation of precision medicine, was the starting point for the project. The 2021 report follows from this to conclude on the experiences made through the project. Check out for more information!