Industry Collaboration

The Intervention Centre has more than 25 years history of industry collaboration. Section for Method Development and Industry Collaboration (SMI) operates the Intervention Centre TestBed. The Intervention Centre TestBed is a professional partner with open doors and dedicated resources for industry in need of health provider access for products in all tehchnology readiness levels (TRL) from basic principles to actual systems porven in operational environmant. 


The TestBed provides provides a wide spectrum of services in collaboration with multi disciplinary medical and technological experts and with cutting edge infrastructure at The Intervention Centre and Oslo University Hospital. 
TestBed services span from expert consulting-, conceptual evaluation-, preclinical tirals to clinical trials involving new products or  services in healthcare.

Formal Process

Projects in the TestBed are based on formal contracts with industry partners. Legal and economic issues are handeled by Inven2, the Tech Transfer Office at Oslo University Hospital. The Intervention Centre TestBed is member of Nordic Proof network of Nordic TestBeds. 

To get in touch with the Intervention Centre TestBed please click the Contact UsS button, fill out and forward the inquiry form and we will respond shortly.